Saturday, June 30, 2012

It seems that July 14th is flying toward me.
I'm excited about the things we have planned for the
 Vintage Faire.

Don (he'll always be Donny to me)
will be able to bring the Old Buckly Fire Truck,
so we will be able to take pictures of kids 
(or kids at heart).
It also reinforces the fact that a portion of the proceeds
will be for Lymphoma & Leukemia Research.

The other thing I've decided to do is 'sell'
 my 2 old wringer washers as 
Silent Auctions for the Charity.
One will finish at the end of Vintage Faire
 and the other will continue through 
the next Saturday and and end at the
Enumclaw Street Fair.

 I'm still working on furniture 
and will have pix of those items soon. 
Sometimes just getting the pictures edited
 and in the computer 
takes as long as making something for the sale.
I'm taking vacation the week before the Vintage Faire, 
so should have more time for both!
However, since I needed to get going on CL posts for the sale, I did get a few pix done for this post.

 I know it seems blurry...
it's really a special effect
 that loses something at this small size!
This is a very old rocking frame...
wood pegs securing the arms and caning. 
I stained it, threaded jute cord thru the caning holes 
and of course 
added a chicken wire flower basket in the seat.  
After planting, it needed something...
so I made the burlap flower.  
I just kinda fussed around and like how it turned out.  
(If I do a any more, I'll be sure and post some pix and directions.)

 It also needed a little something more 
down in the dirt when the petunias were small.   
Those are fema-eggs in the little nested flower pot. 
 The flowers have grown and about cover it now,  
but it will be there when they die back and 
leave the chair with a little something thru the winter. 

I moved those fencing pieces across my drive as a backdrop for setting out 'yard art'  I'll have at Vintage Faire....
but I'm liking it there...
Maybe it will become a permanent 'display'!

better get sanding and painting...
spread the word and hope to see you at the Vintage Faire! 

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