Monday, June 18, 2012

 Countdown: 25 days to    VINTAGE FAIRE!

OK, I'm still learning...
but I'm pretty satisfied with how our poster turned out!  
 Especially since I only use the most basic computer programs. 

After much fussing...
 I quit trying to 'fix' a couple of things that 'changed'
 when I put it in the blog:

The Darker margin on the right isn't on my original...
I actually like it but don't know why the 'blog' added it...
and why isn't it on the left?
The Darker sections are really just placed top, middle & bottom...
Why did the picture print in the middle of it on the blog?

Maybe I should have just let you all believe
 this is exactly as I designed it.
Oh well, now you all know that I'm techno-challenged!

But as I said...feeling satisfied.
I also have a little handout (minus picture) for the local shops.

Next step...The Print Shop!

If you're local, hope to see you there! 

Vintage Faire 2012
July 14th,    10A – 3P
1750 Pioneer Street,  Enumclaw
Vintage Sale:  Treasure for Everyone
Vintage, Antiques, Home Décor with Vintage Flair,
Collectables, Shabby, Chippy, Rustic, Primitive,
Rusty, Retro,
 Refinished, Repurposed, Refurbished, Rehabbed

Portion of the proceeds going to support
Firefighter Stair Climb,  for Lymphoma Leukemia Foundation
(Bring bags, boxes, trucks, trailers…you’re sure to need it for all your treasure!)


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