Tuesday, March 13, 2012

About Angelina's Legs

Angelina Jolie's legs don't have anything over on this little lady.
Actually, this Little Angelina's got 4 great legs.

I found her at a garage sale.  As I mentioned before, 
I frequently under estimate how long
 projects will take me to finish.  
Well, there's also the raccoon effect. 
That's when the next shiny object (interesting project) 
totally distracts me from what I've already started
Hence, there are a several UFO's at my house. 
These flaws in my focus resulted in Little Angelina
spending several months in my driveway.  
Sometimes covered, at others let's just say, 
she was working on her patina!  
Having endured most of the summer & fall outside,
she came in this winter and received a thorough 'massage'.  

She was cleaned & hinges oiled.  I didn't repaint her.  
Her bluey-green chips revealed a previous brick red coating 
 I liked the combo 
so I stopped sanding once the loose bits were lifted 
 and she was pretty smooth. 
 Then I finished her up with a hand rubbed wax finish 
to maintain her well deserved patina.

All her little parts fold and lock nicely and
 her lovely long legs are still straight and firmly in place.  
 She's a lovely little drop leaf table. 
Vintage or Shabby, whatever you wish to call it, she's chippy. 
And now she's gone to the shop.  

I told you I would explain a little more about Angelina's legs!
Hmmm, who shall we talk about next?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Forging Ahead

So here I am again and I know it's been a long time. 
 Let me think, what's happened since I last blogged. 
1)  I got my new camera.  
Oh how things have changed since the days I worked with film.
I haven't gotten much past 'auto' shoot mode, 
but I have learned to play in 'Picnik' from Picasa.
2)  I moved my booth.
'Again!'  you say, with an exclamatory tone! 
 I think I mentioned that I was moving over a spot.  
Now that's been accomplished.
  It sounds like it wouldn't be that big a deal, 
right...just move over one spot.  
Holy Schnikey, it took me a lot longer than I imagined.  
Well I guess I have to admit that a lot of my 'undertakings' seem to take longer than I expect,
but it's ~done. 
 Of course it will never be 'done' and I've 'remodeled' a couple times already.  
Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday.

3)  The latest remodel was because I sold my Barney Miller desk. 
 I named 'him'  Barney because  that was the first time I noticed that the props had been aged with what I assumed was paint.
 (For those of you who don't remember, Barney Miller was a sit-com about NYC detectives.)  
Anyway, that's what I thought of as I worked on this desk. 
 It was done with ASCP  Old White & her Dark Wax.    

 He and I have a lot in common...Lots of rolls!
But, they are diminishing (mine, not his).
I think these columnar corners gave this waterfall piece a 
stately charm. 

Wait until I tell you more about Angelina's legs!
More about that next time.

Thanks for visiting and hope you stop by again.