Monday, March 12, 2012

Forging Ahead

So here I am again and I know it's been a long time. 
 Let me think, what's happened since I last blogged. 
1)  I got my new camera.  
Oh how things have changed since the days I worked with film.
I haven't gotten much past 'auto' shoot mode, 
but I have learned to play in 'Picnik' from Picasa.
2)  I moved my booth.
'Again!'  you say, with an exclamatory tone! 
 I think I mentioned that I was moving over a spot.  
Now that's been accomplished.
  It sounds like it wouldn't be that big a deal, 
right...just move over one spot.  
Holy Schnikey, it took me a lot longer than I imagined.  
Well I guess I have to admit that a lot of my 'undertakings' seem to take longer than I expect,
but it's ~done. 
 Of course it will never be 'done' and I've 'remodeled' a couple times already.  
Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday.

3)  The latest remodel was because I sold my Barney Miller desk. 
 I named 'him'  Barney because  that was the first time I noticed that the props had been aged with what I assumed was paint.
 (For those of you who don't remember, Barney Miller was a sit-com about NYC detectives.)  
Anyway, that's what I thought of as I worked on this desk. 
 It was done with ASCP  Old White & her Dark Wax.    

 He and I have a lot in common...Lots of rolls!
But, they are diminishing (mine, not his).
I think these columnar corners gave this waterfall piece a 
stately charm. 

Wait until I tell you more about Angelina's legs!
More about that next time.

Thanks for visiting and hope you stop by again.

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