Saturday, July 20, 2013

Every time I get back to my blog,
 I have every intention of making a daily entry (or almost daily)
and hmmm I haven't made it......yet.

There is that saying...
the definition of crazy is repeating the same action
 and expecting a different outcome...

Well, I may be crazy 
because right now I'm still believing
 I'm going to be a regular blogger 
even though it's been months! 

I have been a regular on Face Book
......since I opened a little vintage shop!

Oh yeah, that's what's been taking so much of my time!

The local florist didn't want to continue selling the gifty stuff
so I rented the front of the shop and a couple of friends have part of the space,
(Glenlyn & Sharon)
and my SIL, Denice is selling a few things too.

Here's how we describe what we do....

Antique, Junktique, Rusty, Chippy, Shabby Chic,
Home Decor and so much more...
Every thing Vintage Faire or Vintage Flaire...
with Sad Antiques Made Happy! 

It's called   

Vintage Garden. 
Here's one of our current window (forgive the reflections).
We had our soft opening in May and had our Grand Opening in June.
We've sold a lot of 'stuff' and I still have more in storage.

Here's the most recent piece I've finished...

and here are the before snaps...

 Hope you will like and follow me on Face Book
 and catch up on what we've been doing. 

Just type in Vintage Garden Enumclaw and that should get you to my page...
Here's my cover picture.  

Some of you may remember 'Old Glory' from previous posts.
Well, 'Old Glory' sold but I've kept this picture for my FB cover picture because 
these Vintage Faire fundraiser sales were the real beginning of what I'm doing now.