Saturday, June 30, 2012

It seems that July 14th is flying toward me.
I'm excited about the things we have planned for the
 Vintage Faire.

Don (he'll always be Donny to me)
will be able to bring the Old Buckly Fire Truck,
so we will be able to take pictures of kids 
(or kids at heart).
It also reinforces the fact that a portion of the proceeds
will be for Lymphoma & Leukemia Research.

The other thing I've decided to do is 'sell'
 my 2 old wringer washers as 
Silent Auctions for the Charity.
One will finish at the end of Vintage Faire
 and the other will continue through 
the next Saturday and and end at the
Enumclaw Street Fair.

 I'm still working on furniture 
and will have pix of those items soon. 
Sometimes just getting the pictures edited
 and in the computer 
takes as long as making something for the sale.
I'm taking vacation the week before the Vintage Faire, 
so should have more time for both!
However, since I needed to get going on CL posts for the sale, I did get a few pix done for this post.

 I know it seems blurry...
it's really a special effect
 that loses something at this small size!
This is a very old rocking frame...
wood pegs securing the arms and caning. 
I stained it, threaded jute cord thru the caning holes 
and of course 
added a chicken wire flower basket in the seat.  
After planting, it needed something...
so I made the burlap flower.  
I just kinda fussed around and like how it turned out.  
(If I do a any more, I'll be sure and post some pix and directions.)

 It also needed a little something more 
down in the dirt when the petunias were small.   
Those are fema-eggs in the little nested flower pot. 
 The flowers have grown and about cover it now,  
but it will be there when they die back and 
leave the chair with a little something thru the winter. 

I moved those fencing pieces across my drive as a backdrop for setting out 'yard art'  I'll have at Vintage Faire....
but I'm liking it there...
Maybe it will become a permanent 'display'!

better get sanding and painting...
spread the word and hope to see you at the Vintage Faire! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

 Countdown: 25 days to    VINTAGE FAIRE!

OK, I'm still learning...
but I'm pretty satisfied with how our poster turned out!  
 Especially since I only use the most basic computer programs. 

After much fussing...
 I quit trying to 'fix' a couple of things that 'changed'
 when I put it in the blog:

The Darker margin on the right isn't on my original...
I actually like it but don't know why the 'blog' added it...
and why isn't it on the left?
The Darker sections are really just placed top, middle & bottom...
Why did the picture print in the middle of it on the blog?

Maybe I should have just let you all believe
 this is exactly as I designed it.
Oh well, now you all know that I'm techno-challenged!

But as I said...feeling satisfied.
I also have a little handout (minus picture) for the local shops.

Next step...The Print Shop!

If you're local, hope to see you there! 

Vintage Faire 2012
July 14th,    10A – 3P
1750 Pioneer Street,  Enumclaw
Vintage Sale:  Treasure for Everyone
Vintage, Antiques, Home D├ęcor with Vintage Flair,
Collectables, Shabby, Chippy, Rustic, Primitive,
Rusty, Retro,
 Refinished, Repurposed, Refurbished, Rehabbed

Portion of the proceeds going to support
Firefighter Stair Climb,  for Lymphoma Leukemia Foundation
(Bring bags, boxes, trucks, trailers…you’re sure to need it for all your treasure!)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

As promised, I'm back to share plans for Vintage Faire.
Denice (Wonderful SIL3) has agreed to host a 
Vintage Sale in their darling yard.
We will have vintage and vintage like items, furniture, antiques, 
shabby chique, chippy, home decor, collectables 
re-habbed, re-purposed, renewed, re-cycled.  
Treasure for everyone.

You can see the posts on Craigslist, Seattle, Garage Sales.  
Enter  Enumclaw, Vintage  in the search line and  
Wah-Lah...There we are!

I will be updating posts with new pictures as pieces are finished.  
Denice has whipped out 3 pieces already...she's amazing! 
 Miss Mustard Seed has someone who helps her called Mini-me. 
 I suppose I would be able to call Denise Mini-D. 
(She is very petite.)
However, I'm not sure what she'd think of this idea.  
As a matter of fact, 
she's going to hear of the idea when she reads this post.
 (giggle-giggle, surprise, giggle-giggle). 

I also have a fantabuolous-tastic friend named Dee.
 (similar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) 
 Her artful creative eye is amazing...and she's agreed to help. 
 How blessed I am!

Did you know my middle name is Dee.  
This is after my Aunt Dee 
(Dehlia, the quintessential crafter...
hmmm is there some causal relationship to my interests?)

Now, do you see what I do?
Mini-D, Dee & Me (Middle Dee).
It's a 3D sale!

A portion of the proceeds will go toward my Brother Don's 
fundraiser for the Firefighter Stair Climb.
Every March he they climb the stairs of the Columbia Tower
about a kabillion full firefighter gear!
 It's a Lymphoma & Leukemia fundraiser.

These are pictures of the "Simply Arlyce" 
vintage sale Denice held in 2010.
  It was part of the fundraiser for her Breast Cancer walk.   
We were all honored that she chose to focus on our Mom 
as she worked toward her goal. 

 This one is particularly rewarding for me 
because I've since lost about 65 pounds,
  I may share about that in another post but if you have questions, 
send me an email.

Here are some of the 'goodies' we had in 2010.  
We have similar treasures waiting for you!

 I will post the address on CL closer to the sale.
We'll have more lovely 'garden seating' for you to take home too!

  Hoping you'll come-by & say Hi. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses...

none of them good!


Instead of trying to give lame excuses for not posting since March.
I'll just tell you about my most recent adventure. 

I took a Jeneric vacation for the first 2 weeks in May.
I spent it with my brother & his wife in NC & Florida.  
  Jene + Eric = Jeneric!
(They also have Jeneric children.)

Jene & Eric had scoped out a couple of antique shops
 and they knew I'd love them...
and of course I wanted to check them out...
and of course I did love them...
and of course I bought some stuff...
and of course I wish I could have bought more!
(Why do those flights have to have baggage limits anyway?)

Eric had to work those first few shopping days in NC 
but when he was done with work on Thursday 
we headed east to the beach.

We arrived in Myrtle Beach well after dark
 so couldn't really see anything.
However, we woke on Friday to a glorious, sunny morning.
The beach was beautiful and the 'crowds' really non-existent.
 So what else would we do but go Para-sailing!
 It was a first for all 3 of us.
It was a thrill.
It was great to share this experience.
 It was a good day.

 I know this picture is small..,
but given the amount of non-tan skin hanging out,
 it's actually the perfect size!

  Friday evening we headed south,
arriving in Disneyworld Saturday morning.
 We had a week long Jeneric Celebration.
in honor of their 25th Wedding Anniversary.
I feel very fortunate to have had this time to spend with them 
and appreciate being included in this great trip. 

As Eric & Jene were celebrating their 25years,
 Cory & Teri were just beginning their 25year adventure...

And along with all of this celebration
 we also had time for plain ol'silly-n-fun!

After years of reading and sharing many Star Wars books
Nick & I finally got a chance to visit one of our favorite
lands far far away...and...

I have to thank Nick for being so obliging with
 his ol'Auntie's request for this picture!

I have a lot of pictures in my camera and
many more in my memory but more importantly, 
I came home with a heart full of love & joy.
Aren't we lucky 
to have hearts with an endless capacity for both...
 I can't wait for the next time we can get together.
Will it be when there are Wedding Bells Ringing?

Hope you'll keep checking back for my next post
when I'll share about plans for our upcoming Vintage Faire!
...and I promise it will be soon!