Saturday, June 16, 2012

As promised, I'm back to share plans for Vintage Faire.
Denice (Wonderful SIL3) has agreed to host a 
Vintage Sale in their darling yard.
We will have vintage and vintage like items, furniture, antiques, 
shabby chique, chippy, home decor, collectables 
re-habbed, re-purposed, renewed, re-cycled.  
Treasure for everyone.

You can see the posts on Craigslist, Seattle, Garage Sales.  
Enter  Enumclaw, Vintage  in the search line and  
Wah-Lah...There we are!

I will be updating posts with new pictures as pieces are finished.  
Denice has whipped out 3 pieces already...she's amazing! 
 Miss Mustard Seed has someone who helps her called Mini-me. 
 I suppose I would be able to call Denise Mini-D. 
(She is very petite.)
However, I'm not sure what she'd think of this idea.  
As a matter of fact, 
she's going to hear of the idea when she reads this post.
 (giggle-giggle, surprise, giggle-giggle). 

I also have a fantabuolous-tastic friend named Dee.
 (similar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious) 
 Her artful creative eye is amazing...and she's agreed to help. 
 How blessed I am!

Did you know my middle name is Dee.  
This is after my Aunt Dee 
(Dehlia, the quintessential crafter...
hmmm is there some causal relationship to my interests?)

Now, do you see what I do?
Mini-D, Dee & Me (Middle Dee).
It's a 3D sale!

A portion of the proceeds will go toward my Brother Don's 
fundraiser for the Firefighter Stair Climb.
Every March he they climb the stairs of the Columbia Tower
about a kabillion full firefighter gear!
 It's a Lymphoma & Leukemia fundraiser.

These are pictures of the "Simply Arlyce" 
vintage sale Denice held in 2010.
  It was part of the fundraiser for her Breast Cancer walk.   
We were all honored that she chose to focus on our Mom 
as she worked toward her goal. 

 This one is particularly rewarding for me 
because I've since lost about 65 pounds,
  I may share about that in another post but if you have questions, 
send me an email.

Here are some of the 'goodies' we had in 2010.  
We have similar treasures waiting for you!

 I will post the address on CL closer to the sale.
We'll have more lovely 'garden seating' for you to take home too!

  Hoping you'll come-by & say Hi. 


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