Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Night Ladies

  When I moved out of my parents home 
and started gathering my own Christmas decorations, 
it became clear that Angels were a favorite choice; 
I didn't consciously say "I want to collect Angels", 
however they cover about 90% of my very full Christmas tree,
that's an artificial tree.  (EEK you might say.)
  Let me explain:
  In my heart of hearts, 
I have to say that I prefer a real tree,
but I also love a flocked tree.
 However, flocking is an environmental nightmare, 
so I've opted to have a flocked artificial tree. 
 I've had it for 7 years and haven't regretted it!  
The 3rd year I opted to put up a real tree on Thanksgiving weekend.  
But, by Christmas Eve it was in very sad shape
 so spent the morning moving everything to my 'pretty' tree
 before my family arrived!

 I have to say that it's always hard for me to put
 I could have my tree & decorations up all year...
or at least that's how I feel at the time.  
My personal deadline for packing it up is Valentine's Day...
so I can't actually say I would still 'love it' in July.
...but on these dark days of Winter,
 I never want to remove the light of my tree and sparkly decorations.  
This year is no exception,
 and it took me until the 11th to get it all down,
just under the wire!

Getting back to the theme of this post,
 I'm saying 'good night' to Christmas and my lovely Angels, 
a few I've selected to include. 
 The little ladies pictured on the tree were my parents'.
  I don't know from where or whence they came, 
but they've been part of Christmas for as long as I can remember.  
The trio on my mantel were from my Mother; 
she's actually the one who noticed my affinity for Angels.

....And so I say....Good Night Ladies! 

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