Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thank Heaven for Little Boys

Do you remember Maurice Chevalier?  
If you are so fortunate, 
then you are likely to remember a similar song title sung by 
Mr. Chevalier; 
Thank Heaven for Little Girls 
The lyrics go on to share that he is always thankful when he sees little girls, 
he is thankful for them because...
"they grow up in such delightful ways!"
What may at first have sounded a little Ouooo (nose crinkling)
is really more OoLaLa (eyes winking.)

My personal reference is for my 3 brothers Brian, Eric & Don
 (who will forever wear his boyhood moniker 'Donny' in my mind). 
Although I couldn't foresee the blessing when I was young and longing for a baby sister;
I thank heaven for these little boys...
because they've grown up in such delightful and helpful ways!

Although they've all helped at different time,
I want to take this minute to express my Thankfulness
that Brian has a weekly 'lay over' in Seattle.  
This allows me to spend time with him regularly.  
It's not every week, and it's rarely more than a few hours,
but the opportunity is there and I'm very grateful.
Lately, I've taken full advantage of his helpful nature...
  he's arrived to a list of 'can you help'
to which he is always willing to lend a hand.
So for those of you who know the tune, 
you can imagine the following to music.
Thank heaven for little boys, 
they grow up in such delightful & helpful ways!

PS...If you don't remember Maurice Chevalier, 
then you really should 'google' and 
see if you can't find a site to listen as he croons in his
 deliciously charming french accent.

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