Sunday, July 1, 2012

 the diamond that is

Yesterday I included a picture of an old rocking chair. 
 I've had her for awhile;  
standing outside,  patiently awaiting my inspiration.  

Definitely a 'she'; petite and showing
 signs of her lingering grace that was abundant in her youth.
Hmmm...Grace seems the perfect name for her!

I knew from looking at Grace that she had once been 
beautiful as well as functional.
 Much of her construction is held with wood pegs. 
 I have to admit, that I didn't check out all her  nooks & crannies
(One doesn't look under all the folds of a ladies skirt)
 so can't make any statements to her overall construction.  

Either way, Grace was a glorious piece that had seen better days. 
 She had greyed with age,
her wood was cracked and she'd lost her caning..  
The ages had left Grace as little more than a frame;
a frame that wouldn't allow her to ever again hold someone in her lap. 

Grace definitely needed a day at the spa! 
A good scrub and a rub down with deep walnut stain 
remedied the dull grey color she had been reduced to wearing. 

A little chicken wire-n-burlap and her lap will
continue with bountiful purpose as she cradles petunia blooms,
the soft cascade of lobelia, 
 and the promise of future
that whispers from the little bird nest which snuggles under the foliage.

The jute lacing accentuates Grace's tall and regal back, 
giving support the the treasure she holds and nurtures. 
And she wears a flower on her lapel, 
reminding us of the beauty she once displayed in her very structure. 

Not all furniture remains furniture 
but if we look closely we may find
the beauty and 'Grace' they still have to share. 

PS~Remember to mark your calendar for:
 Vintage Faire,
Enumclaw, WA
 July 14th, 10A-eP


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