Saturday, January 7, 2012

Poor Dead Mouse

I'm sorry for leaving you hanging for the last couple of days.  But I may have spoken too soon when I titled my last post about being glad germs can't travel the web.  It' very curois indeed, because when I was trying to post the very next evening, my computer wouldn't respond.  Several years ago I had a picture of the skeletal remains of a mouse.  Not the elephant scaring little creatures that try to live sneakily in some houses...but rather what would appear to be the perfect 'rib cage' for a computer  mouse.  I wish I had that to share with this post.  My computer has 'gone into hospital' for mouse failure.  It will undergo diagnostics and the necessary surgical interventions.  Then the staff will be sure it is performing adequately through a series of rehab evaluations.   I will be able to bring it home once it's proven to have been fully recovered in about 7-12 days.  
Although I have obviously found how post using my smart phone (intelligence still questionable).  I'm not likely to participate in this difficult posting process again.   So I don't leave you hangin,  I will plan to be back by the 15th of January.  This is a little less than 12 days, but they assured me that MFS (Mouse Failure Syndrome) is a relatively minor affliction with a generally speedy recovery.  Keep your fingers crossed for us...

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