Monday, January 2, 2012

A Beautiful Name...or a name made beautiful!

I was blessed to be given this adorable banner by my Sister-in-law Denice.  She has a great artful eye and has made several themed banners for their home, which add just the right pop to her decorating.  When she asked what she could do to help me on this venture, I didn't hesitate to ask for my 'name' in a banner.  All I had to do was give her some scrap book paper I liked and then she returned it like this!

My old camera doesn't capture the sparkle of the glitter, rich color, or the paper's texture... but I think you can still see how cute it is!...It is sprinkled with little delights, buttons and paper flowers, chiffon ribbon, little 'pops' of excitement like these:

   A Mini Blackboard

   Another 58 
I have it draped across an old cabinet door.  I loved the chippy blue green with a pale salmon peeking through, it's so 50's Melmac!   When you find a treasure that's in a wonderful chippy condition, you've got to do something to keep it from completely chipping away.  In this case I used a green tuff scrubber and rubbed the lifting paint.  Then I used Annie Sloan's dark wax to seal it,  this also added to the warmth of it's aging beauty.  I especially love the little toggle handle and hinges that are still attached, something my photography hasn't captured.

 Denice also had her hand in this waterfall desk.  She did the original painting but needed to move it from their garage before being able to finish it.  I'm not sure this is what she envisioned when she started, but this is how it turned out!   
 I call it my Barney Miller desk.

  It's aged warm glow is also from Annie Sloan's dark wax.   Those old props were always aged by having something rubbed all over them and it's the perfect era.  It's also at Porter's. 

I have a lot of booth work to do, as well as Christmas to put away,
so I will close as always by saying...
Thanks for visiting...Coreen

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