Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keeping it Real...or would Reel be more appropriate?

I've just been to Miss Mustard Seed's blog, you should go there too!  If I ever figure out how to do some of the great linky-thingies, I'll list/link some of my favorite places to e-visit.  Anyway, she links you to a series on 'grow your blog'.  The first entry is today and it's about Authenticity.   So, although I'm not someone who makes resolutions for the New Year (because I never keep them!), I did 'resolve' to continue with my blog as daily as possible...so maybe this year, I do have a 'resolution'?!  (How about that?)...and I will work on being Authentic.

The other advice was to 'write like you talk or think'...Oh my, that would be a mistake for me...I tend to ramble, interrupt (others and myself), repeat, get circular in thought, forget nouns, forget where I was in a story, forget punch lines, mix metaphors...need I go on?  What I will do is write like I always write (for those who receive my rare letters)...Today's post is a little more like I talk or think (hmm?)...good evidence of why I shouldn't write this way...Too much of my 'flight of ideas' shows through.  It's an example of how I talk/think...lot's of parenthetical phrases or slightly sarcastic or smart-mouth comments (That's why I've always found it more fun to sit at the back of the class and why when I need to behave, I send myself to the front right away.) I also have to put myself on restriction from certain 'friends', because they are the bad influence (not the other way around, I'm sure.)...see what I mean, ramble!

Anyway...I will try to keep it Real...Oh and as my header said "Reel would be more appropriate".  I have many, many family members who live to fish and are descended from like stock...Myself included (the descended part, not the live to fish part).  

So, if you (in your opinion) believe I'm not being reel (aka real), let me know, send me a comment....I will try to real-it-up (no pun intended) (hahaha)...Ok, another interruption...some of you may know that my knick name is Corey and my middle name is Dee** (I'll tell you about my **namesake another day) (see what I mean about interrupting myself)...Well, several (or by now you could say many) years ago, several of my co-workers recognized my sense of humor for what it is and corrected my name to Corney Dee...so you see, I really meant that 'hahaha' at the start of this paragraph...and now I got another chuckle when I typed really!

Maybe I've just been up for too many hours...better close and again say, Thank you for visiting...and I meant it when I said to let me know if you don't think I'm being Real or Reel, whichever you prefer....Coreen

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