Saturday, October 8, 2011


I was going to title this post with "I'm back"...but for some reason it brought to mind something from a horror flick, (I'm not sure why?!).   Not totally inappropriate for the season, but just couldn't bring myself to use it.

My next post will give more specifics about "58 Vintage Faire".  Once the site is completely developed, I expect to post daily.  I think it will be more interesting once I'm able to add pix and the site is all 'pretty-fied'. 
Today's goal: Stop by the Verizon store here in Enumclaw and learn how to have my VM for this site 'alert' on my phone.  My personal email makes a bright sound, but I don't get that for 58VF's email. 

As mentioned, tomorrow I'll tell more about 58 Vintage Faire but that's not all I have in mind.  Those of you who know me well, are not surprised to hear that I have 'a lot in mind'.  Some might even call it 'flight of ideas', but I prefer to think of it as stretching my right brain!

In the Anticipation post, I mentioned torturing individuals with wrapped surprises.  Well here are a few 'wrapped' post titles (in no particular order)...Use your imagination to pick them up, feel their weight and shake them around...What do you think they'll be about?   If I haven't  'unwrapped'  these in the next month, be sure and remind me, because remember I have flight of ideas  a lot in mind!
  • 'What's it all about? 
  • Drop On By (this one likely to be recurrent)
  • Driving Forces
  • Beautiful Name
  • New Housemate
  • PhD
Since Verizon isn't open yet, I have some time to work on a few new things for you to 'Aniticipate'.  Again I close with heartfelt a Thanks for Visiting...Coreen

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