Saturday, October 1, 2011


Today is October First.  (Happy Birthday, Mom!)   Her name was Arlyce and she was a consummate crafter! Today would have been my Mother's 75th birthday, however, she will be forever 53.   I grew up with her sewing and crocheting or glueing and pasting, all the while raising our family and being part of the traditional work force.   She lost her battle with Breast Cancer in 1990, but she  has not failed to inspire me from her heavenly 'digs'.  No surprise, the fruit falls close to the I am in a traditional career, with an ambition to transition to something more creative.

I wanted to chose Mom's birthday to launch my 'blog'.  But as my profile mentions, I am playing the 'Tortoise' in this career changing path.  I still have to get a camera so that I can add pictures...Hope you come back to see what's 'brewing'.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I wear some shade of pink every day of the month.  I have had a couple people ask me if it's my 'uniform'.  This just opens the opportunity for me to talk about the importance of self exam and giving some kind of financial support to research, no matter how small.  
I leave with the hope that more and more of 'us' will be spared the destructive forces of Breast Cancer.    If not, I hope you find the support you need through the trials you face.   In my mind, I wrap you in the pink banner of hope and keep you all in my heart as you fight this invasive enemy.


  1. This is great Coreen, I look forward to watching and seeing what becomes of your venture. I am blessed and honored to call you sister-in-law and friend. Love you! - Jene'

  2. Coreen this is so awesome! I miss aunt arlyce alot, i still have all my christmas ornaments she made me and many fond memories!!!