Sunday, August 18, 2013

Missed Opportunity Comes Round Again

Last spring a couple of lovely Junk'enistas
 threw a 'party' in my neighborhood.
They hosted their Farm & Frill Vintage Market 
at Genesis Farm just outside Enumclaw.

Well, because I was away from my blog,
 I missed the opportunity to send them a hearty welcome, 
but I'm not missing that opportunity this time.

They are returning to Genesis Farm 
with a fall 'party' on September 28th.

If you're in the area, I hope you drop by...
If you're not in the area, consider making the trip, 
the PNW is a great place to visit in the Autumn.

If you do make it to Farm & Frill, 
swing into town, stop by the shop
and show us your treasure! 

 By then the Matrons will be dressed for the
2nd Annual Witches Night Out in Enumclaw.
Another event you should plan to attend.
This year it will be on October 12th.
I'll post more as the details are finalized,
but I can tell you...
 it will be howling good time!

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