Monday, December 10, 2012

Most folks have heard the saying 'Christmas in July',
well I'm writing about Americana in December,
 a tribute to my friend
Diana of  'The Faded Geranium'.

Diana is making a bittersweet life change.  
She's going to be the full time 'nanny' for her great-grandchildren.
She'll have a new great-grand-baby asleep in her arms
and a cuddle of others playing near by...what could be sweeter?

To accomplish this sweet change, she will be closing her shop
"The Faded Geranium" 
... the 'bitter' in bittersweet.

Her favorite 'style' is Americana, as you can see by these 'snaps'
of  Diana and The Faded Geranium last July 4rh.  

Once she gets settled in her 'nanny' role, 
Diana will be selling on we will be watching for more
Faded Geraniums!
I can't close an Americana post without another picture of
 'Old Glory', 
though sold & moved to a new home, still close at heart. 
 I also have to include a couple more snaps of 
 these dear little patriots.
Here they are on a lovely warm July 4th, only a few months ago...

 ...and only a few more months to the next warm days.
Christmas and a lot of other wonderful 'things' in between, 
but the warmth of summer only a few months away.

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