Thursday, November 22, 2012

My cup runneth over...

Today I am home, planning to spend this holiday with family...
a gift indeed.

This fall I had a chance to spend a week in North Carolina,
helping with and attending my niece's wedding...
treasured memories.

This summer a small group of old 'chums' gathered for 
an evening to dine and talk and remember.
We caught up on our own lives, and the lives of the children that 
have been born and grown and are now older than when we
first started 'hanging out'...
a rare and wonderful chance to reach back to old
treasured memories and build new ones.
Last spring I spent another week between North Carolina
and Florida with family and 'the nephew to be',
getting to meet some of his family,
playing at Disneyworld,
Para-sailing for the first time...
experiences and shared moments
 that are filled with immeasurable value.
At different times in the year, I have been afforded opportunities
 to talk with friends and family 
far and near, all as close as a cell phone away...
sharing a connection that time and distance does not challenge.

A little over a year ago I started this blog and
 in spite of my lack of faithful entry, 
I have family and friends who ask me to write more....
a support that comforts me and sustains me.

A little before that I opened my little 'booth' 
where sell my little 'wares'.
In so doing, I have met wonderful people and made new friends...
they are new silver in my treasure trove.

I have had the gift of time to chat and share with friends;
shopping trips to favorite haunts with those who share
my penchant for 'old';
 an adventurous scavenger hunt 
to the coast where rust was the treasure of the day;
we have had morning coffee, afternoon tea, ice cream in the sun;
some have cooked for me, we have dined out together...
I have been sated by the pleasure of good company.

I have a job that sustains me financially
 and in so many other ways...
I see the strength of the human spirit facing
the challenges of compromised health, a damaged body, 
loss of a loved one, or a life envisioned.
I see the power of the human connection in my
co-workers who continually surprise me
with the breadth of the ability to give of themselves...
At the end of the day,
 I know it is a blessing to just be able to go home.

I sit here in the comfort of my warm and quiet living room while
 others struggle against great challenges such as the destruction of
hurricane Sandy, or the bombing in the middle east
 and countless other personal, social, or environmental events
that are beyond my ken.

This evening I will enjoy the blessing of home and hearth
and for this  and all that I have been given through this year, 
I give heartfelt thanks to Heaven...
and lift up those who are facing challenges on this day of 


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