Monday, May 12, 2014

Am I really directing you to another blog???

  Do not pass GO,

 Do not collect $200,

GO Directly to... (click on their 'Events tab)

and read all about
Junk Salvation!!!!!!!!!
 OK, get ready for me to plagiarize their site...because I'm a vendor...
Yes, Yes, Yes...Woot, Woot, Woot.

When she saw my pix she said...and I quote..."CUTE!!!! U r in!"
Did you notice that's a total of 5, count them 5, exclamation points!!!!! 
Here's the blatant plagiarism part 
(almost completely copied from their web site)
...but you still gotta go there for the specifics!
Junk Salvation is a gathering of ...

hand-picked vendors selling their best junking goods... and is coming to a town near you! [near ME]

 Lots of vendors  [I’m one!],  more junk, and more fun await the keen-eyed junker.

We have been voted 


Named one of the 
TOP 25 Flea Markets in America by

Romantic Homes Magazine!

Listed as a MUST attend Flea Market in America by

Flea Market Decor magazine!

Our next stop is... Puyallup, Washington! [down the road from ME]

  June 20 & 21, 2014. Located at the Washington State Fairgrounds in Puyallup, Washington!

We will have over 100+ booths for all your FABULOUS vintage shopping needs...
bring your friends and  SHOP one of the Top 25 Flea Markets in America (Yes, Junk Salvation)!
This is a Friday Night & Saturday shopping 
You ca
n find some of the best unique vintage items under the Washington SKY.
June 20 & 21, 2014 Shopping Event!

 Friday Night.. June 20th from 6pm-9pm is EARLY BIRD SHOPPING!

Tickets are $20 presale
These will get you in the door 30mins before the tickets go on sale at the door!  That's 5:30PM
There will be a limited amount of tickets on SALE. Buy early!!!!
The tickets will include FUN and EARLY BIRD SHOPPING!
Pre-Sold Tickets will only be on sale until June 13, 2014 and then not until 6PM on Friday Night!

Now here's why you need to go to... then Events tab

that's where you get the pre-sale tickets,and the maps and details, etc
As always Pre-sale tickets get you in both days (Friday night & Saturday)

If Friday night isn't an option...then get ready for Saturday June 21, 2014... 
The Shopping Extravaganza is 10am-4pm.  
General admission is $7 at the door on Saturday.

Again...go the they say....
"Sign up for our text and mailing never know what we will send you!"

Come join us for some JUNKIN fun!
Bring the girls, hubbies and kiddos! We don't mind... there is always something for everyone. 

and and and....(kids 12 & under get in free)
Oh, yeah...In case you missed it...

I will be a vendor!!!
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